Payment Methods

The payment methods are briefly listed on the Membership Application and Renewal forms, however there is insufficient space to describe each method in detail.  A detailed description of all the methods we can accept is provided here.


Cash is only accepted when paying for membership in The Forge shop.  
If you have to pay an admission fee on the day you come into The Forge shop to purchase or renew TMS membership, please present your receipt when paying for your membership and the admission fee will be refunded to you.
We ask that cash is not sent by post; this will prevent any risk of money being lost in transit.


Cheques are accepted when paying for membership either in The Forge shop, or if you are sending your completed Membership Application or Renewal form to us by post.
Complete your cheque in ink and make it payable to “The Tramway Museum Society”.  

If you have to pay an admission fee on the day you come into The Forge shop to purchase or renew TMS membership, please present your receipt when paying for your membership and the admission fee will be refunded to you.

If you are paying by post, please do not include a stamped addressed envelope for the return of your membership cards.  If you be concerned about the Society’s postal costs, we would prefer a small donation be made as part of your application/renewal as an alternative.

We also request that cheques are not stapled to application/renewal forms or letters, etc. Not only do staples take time to extract, they have a tendancy to break skin and/or nails, and the damage to the cheque might cause our bank issues when handling with their automated machines, etc.

Credit Card

Credit cards are accepted when paying for membership in The Forge shop. Note that you do not need to complete the “Payment Method” section on the form.
Cards can also be used if you send your Membership Application to us by post, or electronically as an email attachment.  Enter the credit card details in the “Payment Methods” section of the form.  Please ensure the details (particularly numbers) are clearly written.
Should you have concerns over sending all your credit card details by email, we suggest you send the security code via a separate email that has no other information with it as a security measure.
We regret we are not able to accept AmEx or Diners cards. 

Bank Transfer

A bank transfer is a one-off transaction where you instruct your bank to pay a cash amount to a specified bank account.  A transfer can be made very easily if you have online banking, a smart phone app, or can be made by visiting your bank.
We accept bank transfers for any payments to the Society.  All we ask is that you advise us of the transaction and include an identifying phrase on the transaction so we can identify it.
Transfers can be made to our business account:  Account Name: Tramway Museum Society  Sort Code: 20 – 20 – 50  Account Number: 30885207

Standing Order

A Standing Order is similar to a bank transfer, however the bank will pay the same fixed amount on a regular basis for a specified period, or until you tell them otherwise.  You – and only you – are able to amend the amount or cancel the Standing Order at any time.
We do accept payments by Standing Order, but we advise that is your responsibility to check before each payment is made that the amount of the Standing Order is sufficient to cover the amount due, as advised on the renewal reminder we will send you before your membership expires. 
A Standing Order is ideal for where you may wish to pay a regular donation to the Society such as a monthly donation, and may not be suitable for membership renewals, particularly where fees are likely to change year by year.

Direct Debit

A Direct Debit is a convenient way of handling payments such as subscriptions, and can easily be set up with the organisation to which payments are being made, and offer the flexibility and peace of mind that correct payments are being made in an agreed way.
We are able to set up a Direct Debit to cover any or all of your regular payments to us, for instance your annual membership payments and monthly donation amounts.  All you need to do is download and complete a Direct Debit Mandate and return it to us as part of your application or renewal process, and we do the rest.  We set up the Direct Debit with your bank, and then advise you of how much and when payments are taken at least 10 working days in advance so you can check you are happy that we are taking the correct amount.
All Direct Debit payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee scheme, where any transaction made in error have to be refunded imediately.

Online (via Credit Card or PayPal)

If applying for new membership or renewing a existing membership using the online application or renewal page, your payment will be automatically handled by our PayPal payment processor. 
You do not need a PayPal account. You can either use your Credit Card with PayPal’s card payment processor as a guest user, or pay via your existing PayPal account.
Note that PayPal accepts all major credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, and that there is no charge for using this service.

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