Welcome to the Tramway Museum Society

The Tramway Museum Society…or TMS as we like to be called…is a group of like-minded people who are, and have been for over 60 years, interested in the preservation of trams and the promotion of tramway history to the public.  At one time trams had been the principal, if not the only, form of urban transport in almost every major city in the British Isles, and no-one else appeared to be doing very much to save any for posterity.

Leeds 345 at Town End, Crich
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The Society was founded in 1955, and after several years of hard work, the Society’s members had converted a disused quarry located to the north of the village of Crich in the Derbyshire peak district into the fledgling Crich Tramway Museum.  The museum started offering tram rides to the public to raise funds, and the site slowly grew and developed into a popular tourist attraction.

The Tramway Museum Society became a registered charity in 1962,  and the Crich Tramway Museum expanded and grew its collection, and eventually became the National Tramway Museum in 1980.   The Society and its members have continued to promote the preservation and conservation of trams and tramway infrastructure at the museum to this day.  In 2001, the Society branded the museum site with the name Crich Tramway Village as part of an exercise to attract more visitors, and in 2010 the National Tramway Museum became an Accredited Museum.

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The fact that one location has been known by three names has led to much confusion and head-scratching over the past couple of decades…but it’s a product of our history, and we’re proud of all three names.  We’re proud of our founder members, whose hard and physical work has resulted in what has grown into what we have today…a world-renowned collection of tramway history.  We’re proud to be able to demonstrate museum artefacts doing what they were designed to do, so proud that we would like to invite you to join us to continue our mission.

Membership of the Tramway Museum Society is open to anyone who wants to become part of the whole experience.  Even if you’re not a tram enthusiast, there will be a role you can play in helping us. The museum is owned by the TMS and around half of those who keep things going are volunteers, and we’re always looking for helpers of all ages.  We have found that youngsters who have never seen a tram in its original setting are finding the Museum the basis of a new, fascinating and rewarding hobby.

Two children waving at tram at Crich Tramway Village

If you are looking for more information on Crich Tramway Village, the home of the National Tramway Museum, designed, built, owned and operated by The Tramway Museum Society, an educational charity, do visit the Crich Tramway Village’s dedicated website by clicking on the logo.

If you would like to find our more information about the TMS and its membership, or to talk with someone about ways in which you might be able to help us in our mission, or if you are looking for information about our tramway heritage, please use the Contact Us page to contact our friendly volunteers.


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